Best YouTube Channels For Programming in 2021

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In this article, we will talk about the list of Best YouTube Channels For Programming in 2021 in Hindi and English which are also my personal favorites. You can also suggest any other YouTube Channels in comments which may help others to more deep about programming or coding.

We discussed top YouTube Channels for learn coding in two parts,

  1. Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Programming in Hindi
  2. Second is, Top 5 YouTube Channels For Coding in English

Top 10 Best YouTube Channels For Programming in Hindi

The top 10 list is not rank vise, all 10 channels are the best for learn coding and programming.

  • Code Step By Step
  • Yahoo Baba
  • Thapa Technical
  • PHP in Hindi
  • CodeWithHarry
  • Durga Software Solutions
  • Spoken-Tutorial IIT Bombay
  • easytuts4you
  • Data Structure by Saurabh Shukla Sir

1. Code Step By Step

Subscribers: 62.7K subscribers,
Videos: 2,123 videos

In this channel, they provide videos for PHP, React, React Native, JavaScript, Sencha, Angular, and Ext JS Tutorial in Hindi and English both. The channel has two mentors one is Anil Sidhu and the second is Bhasker Verma.

2. Yahoo Baba

Subscribers: 109K subscribers,
Videos: 690 videos

Here you can learn web design and development with slide and examples step by step process. They have best way to teach all the programming concepts. They have series like JavaScript, PHP OOP, jQuery and Bootstrap etc in Hindi and Urdu.

3. Thapa Technical

Subscribers: 316K subscribers,
Videos: 1,165 videos

The channel has huge amount of programming content with Tips and Tricks. Here are some playlist, React JS, MongoDB, MERN Stack and PHP MySQL and many more in Hindi.

4. PHP in Hindi

Subscribers: 32.6K subscribers,
Videos: 153 videos

This channel has completely dedicated to PHP programming in Hindi with best content. For beginners it is very helpful to learn PHP OOP and development.

5. CodeWithHarry

Subscribers: 1.44M subscribers,
Videos: 1,244 videos

This channel is completely dedicated for programmer and developers to learn difficult things in easy way in short time. He is also guide you about laptops, best programming laptop guide and how to code.

6. Durga Software Solutions

Subscribers: 577K subscribers,
Videos: 16,083 videos

This channel is dedicated to mostly JAVA but you can learn other programming like Python, MEAN Stack and DevOps etc. DURGA Software Solutions is also an Institute, which having more experienced and talented faculties to guide students.


Subscribers: 675K subscribers,
Videos: 1,170 videos

This channel includes series on,

1. Core Programming — C Language, C++, Python, Java, PHP-MySQL, Data Structure, Programming practice
2. Career Guidance and Motivational content
3. Front-end Web Development in Hindi
4. Campus Preparation

8. Spoken-Tutorial IIT Bombay

Subscribers: 73.5K subscribers,
Videos: 10,973 videos

The Spoken Tutorial project is the initiative of the “Talk to a Teacher” project of the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology, launched by MHRD, Govt of India.

This channel has dedicated to web development.

9. easytuts4you

Subscribers: 486K subscribers,
Videos: 335 videos

This channel has core programming like C, C++, Java, Decision Making and many more in Hindi.

10. Data Structure by Saurabh Shukla Sir

Subscribers: 149K subscribers,
Videos: 99 videos

If you want to actually learn DS in Hindi you have to consider this channel.

Top 5 YouTube Channels For Coding in English

Here is the list of Top 10 YouTube Channels For Coding in English,

1. Programming with Mosh

Subscribers: 1.79M subscribers,
Videos: 160 videos

Programming with Mosh is best channel for learn programming with Crash course. I personally loves his tutorial and way of teaching.

2. Derek Banas

Subscribers: 1.13M subscribers,
Videos: 1,158 videos

This channel has huge development content like, Java, C++, React, C#, JavaScript, Django and many more. You also love the way of teaching with complete example.

3. Traversy Media

Subscribers: 1.54M subscribers,
Videos: 879 videos

This channel have latest programming and web tutorials with in-depth learning. They provide tutorials on scripting languages like Angular, Node, React.js, Ruby, Python, and much more.

4. Hitesh Choudhary

Subscribers: 636K subscribers,
Videos: 1,013 videos

He provides latest programming and tech also talk about open-source product. Hitesh also create crash courses about React, Docker, IOS13 and many more.

5. TheNewBoston

Subscribers: 2.55M subscribers,
Videos: 4,399 videos

The new Boston is the most-watched web development channel with 2 plus millions of subscribers for learning programming and coding. The channel is also for beginners and run by Bucky Roberts.


Here we discuss about top Best YouTube Channels For Programming in 2021 in Hindi and English.

From where any can learn programming and web development for free.

You can also comment your favorite channel.

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