JavaScript else if and if-else both are conditional statements are used to do different tasks based on a given condition.

Basically, JavaScript has multiple types of conditional statements which we use according to our task at the time of web development. There is 4 type of conditional statement in JavaScript.

Introduction to JavaScript else if Statement

To Auto Scroll Down on Page Load using jQuery, we use $( document ).ready() that helps us to check the page Document Object Model (DOM) is ready or not to execute the JavaScript code.

Generally, the document ready function is used to check the complete web page load and then…

Live Demo:

To store dynamic content from the web page or HTML page for future use PDF format is very helpful. This also can help download a big amount of data from the web application by export an HTML page to PDF on the user’s click event using JavaScript…

To start programming with PHP is one of the parts of web development skills and installing PHP In on your Windows 10 machine considered as the first step of learning PHP skill using a local machine. Here we discuss the various method to Install PHP In Windows 10 OS.

  • Install…

Originally at: Best YouTube Channels For Programming in 2021 — PHPCODER.TECH

In this article, we will talk about the list of Best YouTube Channels For Programming in 2021 in Hindi and English which are also my personal favorites. …

Read it completely from here:

We develop a simple core PHP CRUD Operation Using MySQLi With example source code. Which you use to learn PHP basics very quick and easy way. Here I will show you Create, read, update and delete operation with image uploading.

Anyone want a complete…

Originally: HTML How to Comment With Example — PHPCODER.TECH

In this article HTML How to Comment we discussed How to comment out in HTML?, HTML comment syntax, and two or more examples where we use HTML comment in the document.

Basically, comments are helpful for web developers or designers to…


To Check Process Running in Windows using PHP, we have to use PHP tasklist command with exec() function.


Complete Code to Check Process Running in Windows


// show tasks, redirect errors to NUL (hide errors)

exec(“tasklist 2>NUL”, $task_list);

echo “<pre>”;



Code Explanation:

  • On the above code, we use the PHP tasklist command to see what…

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